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Best of breed products to run, promote and grow your business.

Helping organisations realise their ideas through effective use of IT

Mobile Apps

Building exceptional mobile applications, whatever the platform, is all about the user experience. Sarsen emphasise on high-quality intuitive touch screen apps, helping your brand stand out from the noise.

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Creative Elaboration

Helping to enhance your business models, products and ideas. Our creative consultancy unlocks hidden revenue opportunities and provides fresh ways to grow your business.

Enterprise Development

Proven specialists in enterprise software. Developing bespoke, or integrating commercial and Open Source. Linking departmental systems, we increase reporting accuracy, reduce costs and realise your return on investment.

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We are trusted by

1000heads, Digital and Direct, Macormac & Morrison

We deliver what we promise, using our proven approach to IT project management

With a mixture of our project development methodologies, tooling and quality assurance techniques. We minimise risk exposure and keep you in control throughout the process.


Collaborative web applications are used throughout the design, development and support stages of an engagement. You have total access to the project from your desktop and can contribute in real time.

Best of Breed Products

Enterprise-quality free Open Source applications have started to displace commercial equivalent products. We are experts in deploying the best products on the market, freeing your organisation from licensing and product upgrade costs.

Project Methodology

Our hybrid methodology includes both traditional and agile elements. Projects can be visualised early with the ability to evolve and grow during development phase. Eliminating costly redesign situations often seen when using older processes.