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Mobile Applications

Sarsen have been developing touch screen applications for more than three years. Initially our focus was Interactive Whiteboards used in schools and time-critical offices such as hospitals and warehouses.

With the advent of smartphone technology, specifically iOS (which runs on Apple devices), Google’s Android OS and more recently Nokia’s Qt technology Sarsen have delivered many projects most of which we can’t discuss openly.

If you are thinking of building an application for mobile or would like help of extending the reach or functionality of an existing application please contact us for more information.

Enterprise Application Development

Our twelve-strong development team have delivered numerous enterprise solutions for both SME and multi-national companies.

We have a fully proven methodology for delivering projects on-time and in-budget using both commercial software and our favourite Open Source alternatives. Each project is individually designed and developed using web based collaborative tooling that keeps you in-touch with the project throughout the whole process.

All our EA projects are delivered on a fixed fee basis with top-notch transition and aftercare services.

For more information on how we have helped organisations develop and inter-connect applications, please see our case study on Turn IT On.

Data Warehousing

Increasingly, larger organisations organically develop “data silo” software applications which serve the needs of the department using them. Reporting on these silos can be difficult, as similar information (people, accounts, addresses etc.) are stored and identified differently in each product.

Sarsen can help by providing a low-cost, high-value tooling that interrogates these silos. Extracting the data and normalising it so that central reporting tools can be used in real-time, allowing you to report on key performance information across the business.

Sarsen have deployed numerous data warehouses over the years using Open Source applications. A simple solution can be up and running in less than a week, delivering key performance indicators via the web or directly to your smartphone.

Bespoke Development

Sarsen’s motto is “never reinvent the wheel”. With almost every technical business problem, there is already a perfectly viable solution available in either the commercial or Open Source sector just waiting to be configured for use in your organisation.

However, there are times when out-of-the-box applications simply won’t deliver the specific needs of your business. This is where bespoke development becomes the correct and only solution.

All our bespoke development solutions are built using underlying mature development frameworks, negating the need to create the basic building blocks of any solution like user authentication, authorisation and auditing.

Sarsen have developed bespoke solutions for the publishing and pharmaceutical industries audited to the strict specifications of the FDA and other quality organisations.

Creative Elaboration

One of Sarsen’s most valuable services is creative elaboration, having extensive experience of working with successful businesses to maximise revenue potential and/or reduce running costs.

We help organisations to review their existing business models, unlocking revenue streams either through the subtle use of IT, or simply by visualising new products and services helping to up-sell to existing customers or generate new clients.

Server Support and Maintenance

Sarsen provide 24/7 support and maintenance services for our customers. Our expertise covers Windows and Linux servers and can all be managed remotely.

Sarsen currently employees support technicians who can react on an ad-hoc basis or can be employed to pro-actively maintain business critical servers.

All our servers are monitored in real-time and if a problem was to arise, Sarsen’s support team are immediately notified.